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Brand Story

In 1995, the golden age of Hip-Hop & Basketball, DADA founder Lewis & Cherry’s began his kingdom on the east coast of the United States.

Lewis & Cherry’s sold the POLO STYLE hat in the back of the car, so when it became famous, Lewis wanted to set the brand before Lewis knew that the most important thing needed was to set up the brand name.

The DADA name is derived from the daughter of Lewis, who was born at the time. His daughter began to learn how to call his father. Because the pronunciation was too difficult for children, and the sound of DADA was issued, DADA was so familiar to a brand, so DADA was born.

DADA Supreme officially entered the NBA in 2002, it is the first sports brand that spans between street culture and professional basketball. Products include popular streetwear, professional basketball shoes and sports shoes. DADA SUPREME expects everyone to enjoy street culture through its products. Behave differently and challenge yourself to create your own DADA style.

Starting in 2016
For serve more consumers, DADA is committed to the development of a wide range of sports products, including children's shoes, life style, running, street basketball and all kinds of sportswear, it’s all gained market love and affirmation.

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