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How much should I feed my dog/cat?

The amount of food your pet should receive depends upon two factors. First, how much energy does the animal require? Second, how much energy does a certain amount of food supply? The amount of energy required is dependent upon many influences but is normally figured by considering two factors: (1) activity level and (2) weight. Active or productive dogs require more energy than inactive dogs. In addition, lactating bitches naturally need more energy to produce milk. The weight of the dog also relates to its body size and a large body would need more energy than a small body.

The amount of energy in a certain amount of feed depends upon its nutrient content. The product's percentages of protein, fat, and carbohydrates give it its energy content, because each one of those can be used to produce energy. Either by lab analysis or calculation, the energy content of a food can be established. Thus, we know the energy content of a particular amount of feed. From all the above, we can the estimate the amount of energy required and the amount of feed needed to meet that requirement. However, this is not an exact science because of the many other factors that can affect the pet's need for energy. What is on our labels is a recommendation and only intended to serve as a guideline. We encourage our pet parents to begin with the guidelines and then adjust the amount fed based upon your evaluation of the pet's performance. If your dog or cat seems to be putting on weight, then scale back the amount of food being fed because your pet is receiving more food than its body can use; the opposite of this is true for a thin pet.

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